Lagos market , second time ?

Oh boy, today was like hell to mee. Look at me o, I was so happy to go out with my sister and her friend . I always heard about Lagos market, and all the interesting news about Lasgidi( as my sister would call it). A bit about me- I have been staying with my Aunty in ondo state since I was a child.
Back to the gist, when i got to Lagos market, everything there seemed so weird and strange, i was scared to talk, but I needed to gather myself na as per not to look like a JJC(aka jolly just come)…Aduke,my sister’s friend can walk for Africa ooo,yeee , she fit win usain bolt untop her walking , she no even need to run and she just kept on entering different corners like film trick -_-. Funny of me, I got into a fight with a lady, telling me, who is this shit now. That sounds very abusive, right? sooo i give her a hit back. Oh boy, am not a dull guy oo, everything was back to back ni oo. I got tired and hungry, all my eye don turn red, my face sef dey para gan, me wey be say I no use food play at all….I spent 6 hours walking. All this was aduke’s fault, moving from one shop to another to get mat..Guy, I swear i don taya , i no fit eat or talk when I get home…strange things happen in the Lasgidi market o ,but seems fun and stressful bah….Going to Lasgidi was an experience.

  • How do you feel, when you are called SHIT and when u dey go Lagos market ? Can you remember your first experience going to Lagos market ? Yarn your guy.
  • Its your one and only naijaboywrites !

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