Before She breaks your Heart

Before She breaks Your Heart (For Men Only)
Have you ever seen a man who was heart broken in his relationship? It may sound weird but it does exist. Trust me, I’ve once been a victim of heart break by the woman I love. But unfortunately, she went after another guy who’s got more swag than I. Then, I haven’t learnt how to keep a lady you love glued to you. After the experience, I almost concluded that I wasn’t going to fall in love with any lady, thinking all of them are the same. But thanks to the ones who proved me wrong. Men are emotional being. A man may fake been strong but when he’s dealt with in the hand of the woman he set his heart to love, you’ll be shocked to know that men also cry. To avoid being heart broken, there’s something you must do in your relationship before you find yourself in a tearful situation. And before that happens, do these…

  1. Define your relationship with her
    When a man fails to define his relationship with a woman, he will end up been taken as a “friend”, “uncle” or an elder “brother”. In this case, he becomes friendzoned. Don’t think she’s thinking what you’re thinking or feeling what you’re feeling.
    Don’t assume she sees you from the same lens you view her. Communicate your thoughts and intents with her once and for all. Know where you stand before she takes you as just a friend.
    Don’t assume. Or think she’s considering you to be her future husband. Until she’s building the future with you. Any addition ( or subtraction)?

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