Know who she is

It’s easy to identify a woman who’s a wife material from a materialistic one. By the fruit of her character, you’ll know who she is.
A woman that’s worthy of becoming a wife won’t be materialistic, pleasure seeking or carnal. She’ll plan, build and encourage you to be a better person. But if she’s the “chop and go” type, you’ll know.
Don’t be fooled mister. A woman who won’t break your heart won’t play with it like a kite. She won’t be the superficial type, but rather, take your serious and build her life with you.
Know her materially, physically but not sexually. Know how she treats others and you also. There’s also a knowing through cognition. Adam knew who Eve was when he saw her. Look deep beyond the mascara and foundation. Women too can pretend. Be spiritually minded and don’t be carnally driven.
So that you won’t invest in the wrong person…
What is your opinion?

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