The Bloody Event

Happening live at FUTA south gate. There is confusion in front of the school gate right now. The school security found three heads in a student’s bag. A girl about 22years old, with a big handbag boarded a taxi from Oda road to FUTA. The driver being vibrant felt a strong smell coming from the girl’s handbag. The horrible smell made the driver suspicious, whom then use the light to signal the police at the stop and search point but because of 50 naira the police were too busy to notice this. When he got to the school main gate, he raised alarm they held the girl and beckoned on the school security to search the girl’s bag. Many people were afraid not knowing what was happening. One of the deputy sherriff security was shocked when he opened the girl’s bag and found three heads in the girl’s bag. After cross examination of the heads, the school securities found out that the heads were known heads. It was samsumg charger head and infinix charger head and one Tecno charger head. I appreciate your effort in reading this. You can continue with what you were doing………

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