Chronicles of the Lekki resort

Chronicles of the Lekki resort
Fam woke up that morning with the intent of dressing to slayyyy , but me being smart , I wore trainers just in case I need to “gbe body” 😂😂
We entered the car and we used google map to get to our destination . Approaching the place , we saw trees and we were like “oyaaa” . We went to the reception and paid the due fee.
Our happy and excited mode was activateddd🕺🏾🕺🏾
We were grouped with some set of people
We passed through a certain bridge which linked us to the canopy walk
That bridge had trees that reminded me of the ones in Tarzannnn
But yunnooo as somebody must sha pretend to be fearless , we were walking
My group members were just quiet , taking pictures .. while we , the noise makers , weren’t so quiet 😅
We saw a monkey and two of my group mates stopped to look at the monkey , the monkey looked so innocent and was just resting its head on a tree branch . So the two of my group mates wanted to do the usual thing they liked doing , as per take pictures of the monkey . That’s how the monkey dragged their pack of chewing gum , if you see how my fam and I ran ehn … even usain bolt would clap for us

So we ran to a safe distance and continued the journey ahead . We reached the canopy walk , we were told the rules and safety precautions of going on the canopy walk , we were so excited and at the same time scareddd . So, mixed feelings of excitement and fear 🕺🏾
We eventually went on the canopy walk , I was finding it fun . My female cousin was shaking . My male cousin was strong and just smiling . My sister is a lioness , not scared of anything . I also felt I was a lioness till I reached the end of the first bridge and I was made aware that tears were just coming out of my eyes , you know that moment when you think you’re a boss and you’re not scared but you don’t even know that tears are just streaming freely on your cheeks … that’s when I knew that ehn Baby girl I’m scared .
So going higher and higher on the canopy walk got me having thoughts like “ah Who sent you o?! You were staying jejely on land and enemies were still hating , u now decided to come high up the ground … eyyy , if anything happens now … no be me do myself ni 😭”
The wave of relief that overcame my heart when I came to the end of the canopy walk can’t be described 😭😭😭
So we proceeded to the Park
The first thing I couldn’t help but notice was the sign that said beware of crocodiles and snakes , I’m like “Ehnnnn pardddinnnnn?!!!👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾”
But we sha proceeded
That’s where there are huts , sell refreshments , aquarium , different human sized games and others
I first ran my way to the huts
I sat down on the chair that was there , the whole setting reminded me of those igbo movies where the Queen sits on the chair under the hut and then her maidens are just massaging her , fanning her and feeding her . The feeling was so 😍
Fast forward to when I got a coconut to eat , the coconut water made me feel so refreshed … we drank the water and packed it to carry it to our house cause we felt we needed to at least carry something home to remind us of this beautiful event
After playing and enjoying and climbing all the house trees , we proceeded to go home … which will mean passing through that first bridge we passed when entering , where there are so many trees and where the monkey snatched the chewing gum .

So upon going , the distance going back was L.O.N.G , due to the fact that this was another route
While going , we saw a very beautiful arrangement of red flowers on the ground amounting to the love sign and we were like “Awwwww”
But we saw it as a beautiful opportunity to take more pictures .. then a random thought came to my head , what if someone wants to propose to a girl and he did this and then he is about approaching this place and he just sees us there and he’s like 😳😳😳 . With that thought , I told fam to let us go … but that was obviously after taking 100 plus pictures 😏

We continued the long journey back , we were just excited and going . We were grateful for a beautiful day and just thinking okay we’ve come to an end of this adventure … we not knowing that the adventure just begun 🤧

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