Blaak_Daniel, Spent His Valentine, This Way.
And we all know that while there are lots of reasons to love Valentine’s Day when you’re single, it’s a day mostly meant for lovers to go on a romantic date and indulge. But this wasn’t the first year I’ve spent Valentine’s Day solo and I am feeling major.
Joyner Lucas, JCole, Dax, Eminem, Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar, Nasty C was all I had for vibing “No Love Feelings”. Just wanted the street feelings leading up to my ears. I was this close to surrendering to the stereotype of cake boxes and coke bottles “No hard Feelings”😎😎😎 while watching movies like – Fox, The Titans, Night School ” Kevin Hart” and bemoaning my lack of a lady before deciding on a whim to take myself to a fellow single broken heart nigga for a single Guy’s Valentine’s Day outing. I don’t even like ice cream.
Let me preface this by saying I don’t hate being single, nor do I hate (or particularly love) Valentine’s Day. My buddy “Chris” summed up my feelings best when he said, “You know, I’m mostly fine being single, but this time of year with all the attentions and my phone topped on subscription, it just doesn’t gets me a little down.” (P.S. I have a flame for good life reference for literally any story someone tells me). I know… how am I single?)
In the past years or so of being single, I’ve learned to do lots of things alone that I previously only did with someone else: I take myself to a friend’s place, grab dinner at my mum’s kitchen, and sidle up to a basket ball court with a good book. But never have I taken myself on a fancy date to a symphony on a day specifically reserved for two.
The prospect became increasingly daunting day-of, and so to counteract the doubt, I pulled on my SagTon long sleeve sweatshirt and a short jean, a blue one🙊🙊🙊(they’re as amazing as they sound), Basically, I piled on all my favorite things (that just happened to be V-Day colored) and walked the 15 minutes to the symphony full of determination not to feel like a total dud.
I spent about 3-4 hours with Chris, with fuel in the generator, play video games, made rap freestyles, made jokes about our crush escapades, then we left for a building close by, oozing out Couples, “That feelings makes me sick” Poor Me.😪😪😪. Chris and I got in, sat in the indoor courtyard, watching all the couples mill about, holding hands and full from their pre-symphony prix fixe. I made a point not to look at any couple while I enjoyed my time, writing lyrical lines, with my earplugs to my ears and focused instead on being a part of the experience, — not to mention the drop-dead gorgeous building.
I guess I wasn’t the only single nerd who came with no one (single guy outing, single guy budget) to the nose bleeds. The usher smiled when she saw me come through the curtain and said, “I sure like the look of you, honey!” I beamed. Then she said, “So, you’re on seat 134; are you with 135 or 136?” (Chris is 135 and a lady I do not know is on 136). I tell you she’s mind blowing. I said to myself ” Daniel, I think it’s time you cut the act and start being a couple” My beam dimmed. “Oh, it’s just me and 135 ‘Chris’, I said in what I hoped was a casual, devil-may-care kind of way. She didn’t seem phased and led me to my plush velvet seat directly overlooking the stage.
I can only describe the actual performance as pure magic. It was mostly a Nonso Amadi — upbeat, romantic, and whimsical. The conductor was charming, funny, and warm. It was an hour and a half of total love induced happiness and served to make clear my previously foggy notion that you don’t have to have a plus one to experience a pure delight. I’m so glad I didn’t let my self-consciousness win — no one, but some ladies from the other side gave me a second look ( I felt wanted ). It’s emboldened me to start heading out to more events on my own, whether it’s an art opening or a wine class. Basically, I do what I want! Plus, with the lights down and the music loud, I didn’t have a chance to dwell on my singledom for even half a beat.
Chris and I left, went back home, now I’m here before my PC, watching “Sex Education” from Netflix.😫😫😫.
Valentine was worth spending alone “Literally”.

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