Too Heavy to Move

A man dies aged 29 after predicting his death, Plus size. No one would love to get a weight that would be hard to manage.The star of the TLC reality show “My 600lb Life” has passed away aged 29. Sean Milliken died in hospital on Sunday after suffering complications from an infection, his dad confirmed. His father Matt wrote on Facebook: “Sunday he was having problems with his breathing, they were able to resuscitate him and a short time later his heart stopped. “ He added his son was a “good man” with a “good heart”. At one point Sean weighed 900lbs – 64 stone – and was so heavy he could only stand up for 30 seconds.He struggled with his weight since childhood after his parents divorced and hit 400lbs after becoming bedridden due to an injury in high school. Sean appeared on My 600lb Life in 2016 and said at the time he wanted to move to Houston to have weight loss surgery and that he was scared he wouldn’t make it past his 30th birthday. It is unclear if he did have the surgery. Sean said from his home in Cameron Park, El Dorado, California: “Every day I wake up I have to face the reality of what my life has become. “I am so big now; I can hardly move.“All I can do on my own is skooch to the end of my bed, go to the bathroom and see if my mom is awake.” Sean was so big that he couldn’t use a toilet and had to urinate in a bucket at the end of his bed. He said: “I can get up, but I can only walk a few steps, so I just stay here in this bed no matter what. “’I can’t do anything for myself anymore.” His mum Renee died in 2017 but previously said that Sean needed constant care and she had to wash him from “head to toe”. She explained that because he was so fat he got open sores “really easily” that had to be cleaned. Renee said: ‘When you are very, very fat, your body goes this way but the fat goes another way, and so what happens is you start getting tears in your skin from that.”She added: “I am a prisoner.”All I want is out, and I never really thought my life would end up like this.” It is not known how much he weighed when he died.

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