Discover yourself, Who are you?

*Discover yourself, Who are you?* 

I came across so many things, it was hard for me to discover who I was . I ended up with the thought that I was just a useless guy. Negative vibes and impressions clouded me. So I was down, i got to meet a sister who is a Barrister. She motivated me and made me realize i can do whatever I set my mind to . I was told *Go and discover who you are*  
  For like a week, i got no reply and answer from myself and my research . I was confused and further depressed. All i needed then was someone to encourage me. I ,then , woke up 1am ( mid-night), i told myself, i can do it. I picked up a Biro and started writing and writing. I noticed how I had so much interest in writing. I asked myself within, Am i a writer? but I got a reply back from myself saying I am not good at writing joor (yes , my negative thinking got the best of me again ).  
I went back to Barrister and said, I think I am good at writing , not sure at all . Barrister smiled and advised *create interest and develop yourself*. From then , I started the journey to knowing myself better , to discovering my potentials . l feel I’ve now been introduced to a different whole new version of myself .     Though challenges come, but you just have to put yourself together and be determined to be successful. You’ve to let what motivates you have a greater effect and force on you than what demotivates you . Are you ready to be introduced to the new version of yourself ? If yes , I dare you to go on a journey , pack your loads and eat set as you go on a journey of self discovery and don’t forget to keep asking yourself *Who am I ?*

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