In the past, I never used to make good use of my time, I didn’t know the importance of time . Knowledge of Time gives a specific direction. I realized this when i was taught on how to make use of my time wisely . I came to the realization that time is precious and really valuable. Each passing second is a beautiful gift presented to you and you’re then left with the option whether to unravel the gift and see the beauty lying inside or whether to totally ignore the gift. The choice is left to you .
Any time wasted can not be recovered. Time is so precious and valuable, a plan and positive mindset can be established which can further aid the use of time . I, now , focus on important things with my time.

Now sit down and ask yourself , what do u want to start using your time for ?
Who do you want to give your precious gift (called time ) to ?
Whoever you talk to , as long as a second is passing by , is you giving the person a precious gift. More valuable than a physical gift. A special gift called time.
So ask yourself , what’s worth my precious gift and who is worth my precious gift ?

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