Investment in skills + education = Achievements

Getting things that have monetary value is hard, for the less privileged . People barely help the less privileged. People are suffering.
Poverty keeps growing everywhere , the chart keeps growing showing the poverty rate 📈. When are we going to change our mindset and give more to the needy ? Our lack of caring for youths without jobs and poor people , also the less privileged has led to the increase of fraud and ritual activities in the country .
Let’s take a moment to forget about the mineral resources. Nigeria is a country, where so many crimes are committed, Kidnapping, innocent blood being shed , bribery and corruption.
Everyone wants to be rich without breaking a nail. Invest your time, knowledge and energy into something valuable. Nigeria has one of the highest numbers of first class graduates.
Develop yourself, never over focus on education, develop yourself , acquire some skills, work and promote yourself through the aid of social media, instead of wasting time chatting, doing unprofitable things that add no value to your life.
My name is naijaboywrites, through my research on the streets of Lagos I got depressed with the way things are. We need to develop ourselves, youths should get engaged in a handiwork. Create a new idea with your burning passion and skills .
Naijaboywrites is taking you through the streets of Naija and telling you what my research has led to .Let’s join hands together and eradicate poverty . Together we stand 🙌🏾.
Investment in skills + education = Achievements
Investment in skills + no education = knowledge
No investment in skills + education = knowledge
No investment in skills + no education = Empty

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