Oyingbo Market And The Aboki Man

What are you doing differently??? During one of my monthly visits to Oyingbo for food stuffs etc, I stumbled into one of this carrier popularly known as Alabaru named Muqtar. First, he helped in securing a good parking space which is not supposed to be his business🤷‍♀. So I went buying and he helped in carrying all I bought to the car and after I paid him,.He asked in a very polite and friendly manner with his Hausa ascent, 👏👏 madam, pls, make we exchange numbers so that you go dey call me if you dey come market, I looked at him suprised, and several things came to mind, this guy wants to outsmart all the other carriers, he wants to be untop of his game, he wants to build relationship and customer database. So we exchanged numbers and I left. In 20 mins, this aboki chatted me on whatsapp to register a conversation. And I was just wondering what manner or alabaru is this??. .. He kept up with the communication on whatsapp. So this morning, I went to Oyingbo for the monthly shopping, I decided to call this my new friend, immediately he picked the phone and said, madam, you dey market, I said yes, he said, na that your motor you carry, I said yes, he said, you dey car park, I said yes and in 3 minutes, the guy appeared with smiles all over ready to work. 👊🏽👊🏽 We went through the entire shopping together, he took me to where I can get the freshest of fruits and vegetables, so I engaged him in a conversation on his line of business and believe me he has his own success stories, he has his pains and gains, but in all, he’s not a begger, he’s inventing ways to remain in business and despite his competitors, he makes average of 5k daily.  

Morals: You don’t have to be educated for you to succeed in business Some of us don’t have a working phone and we say business is not going well. Some of us will rather buy make up and aso ebi than buy data and connect with our prospects Some of us will rather beg than do some jobs, we forget that there is dignity in labour Rather than think of ways to prosper in our business, we spend time envying those that succeeded. Finally, whatever business you do, think of ways to be ahead…… Your success is in your hands. N.B: With his permission, he asked me to encourage people with this and share his number, if you ever go to Oyingbo market, pls, patronize my friend. His name is Muqtar and this is his number +2348103337234 Thanks and have a promising week. Adeyinka.

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