FOCUS – Focus Goal

Goals are what you are interested to aim and Achieve. Your Focus Goal can be on, Relationship, Business, Religious, Education, Financial Stability and Improvement on your health. So many Focus Goals are to be achieved. There must be something you are focusing on, you can’t focus on nothing. Focus on your goal, will allow you to be determined, to have a positive mindset, believe in yourself, avoid negative words and set your goals. Focus is self-discipline. A man with no Focus, will be confused and easily be distracted.
Take action today and change negative thoughts. Have a positive mindset, then, make your life the way you want it. Give your goal, all your attention. You need goal, in order to stay Focus, long enough. Goals should be plan and be focus.
“Carefully consider the man you want to be, and set your Goals on how to achieve it”
An ambitious and restless disciple was getting impatient with his guru’s style of teaching one lesson at a time. He wanted to learn everything quickly and reap the rewards of this learning quickly. He finally expressed his desire to complete his course quickly and move to the next phase of his life. The guru nodded his head and told him to come to him early next morning.
Next morning, when the student arrived, he found the guru waiting for him near the chicken coop. The guru then let the chickens free and asked the student to catch them all in the next one hour. The student ran about trying to catch one and then the other and finally at the end of his hour got exhausted and sat down dejected as he had not been able to catch any. Then the master told him, now I ask you to catch only the one with the ribbon round its neck. The student got up and despite all the other chickens running around him just went after the ribboned one and caught it with time to spare.
The master smiled and said, “Focus is not our ability to stay attached to the ‘one’ but also the discipline to avoid the distractions of the ‘ninety nine”
“Goal has time limits”
A time to be successful and a time to fail.
A time to set a goal and a time to achieve a goal.
There is a season and a time, for every man.
No man is perfect, we are all learners. We learn from, our previous mistakes, learn from things you don’t have knowledge about.
A wise man is a man that increase learning. “Shame is the promotion of fools that refuse to learn”
Focus on important things, that add good valves to your goal. Always keep learning, it develops you. Learn how to relate with people positively.

What is your goal in Life?
Examine yourself and motivate yourself. Positive mindset should be on your mind. People around you, gives you idea, things you are good at.

Goals you should Accomplish
– Marriage and Family Harmony
– Proper Mindset
– Commitment to improve physical Health
– Career passion
– Develop empathy and Gentleness
– Financial Stability
– Service and Social Responsibility
– Continuing Education
– Expanding and Growing Faith

Proper Mindset on your goal. Do not allow someone failure, discourage your goal. Be self-motivated. Focus and determination with discipline, keeps you in the way to success. Too much or too little of any one particular, can send you in the wrong directions.
“Personal growth occurs, when you learn exactly who you are”- Adeyemi Ayomide
Your focus goal needs to be exactly what you want. Not what you think you’re capable of or what you think you should do or what other people want from you. If it’s not exactly what you want, you’ll lose interest in the process, lose your FOCUS and fail.
Make your goals SMART. Smart goals grow in a positive way.
S — Specific: Write out your goals, your aims.

M — Measurable: Your plans and how to measure your progress.

A — Achievable: What do you want to achieve.

R — Relevant: For personal goal setting, this means creating a goal that gets you where you want in life.

T — Time Limited: Setting time to achieve your goal, will not allow you to procrastinate, you be FOCUS.

Marriage and Family Harmony should be your top priority in your personal goals. The goal is, Family living in peace and harmony. Keeping the peace at any price. Conflict should be resolved. Conflict can lead to a process that develops isolation. You and your spouse must choose, how you will act when conflict occurs. Always resolve conflict in your marriage. By resolving conflict requires –
* knowing, accepting and adjusting to your difference.
* Defeating selfishness.
* Pursuing the other person.
* Resolving Conflict requires forgiveness.

Marriage is riddled with conflict today, or perhaps you never fight. Whatever your past or current experiences, how do you perceive conflict? Conflict has the potential for beauty, but at the same time, there is also a “beast” lurking in it.
If we avoid conflict, pretend it doesn’t exist, gossip to others about it, get angry, or intimidate others into doing what we want, the greater the problem will become, the greater the relationship damage will be. Couples who do not work out their differences and manage their conflict issues are at risk for divorce.

“If you keep on biting and devouring each other, you will be destroyed by each other”

Many couples hate to confront disagreements and hurts because they’re afraid of rocking the boat, so they choose to keep the peace at any price and sweep their issues under the rug. However, this strategy usually does not resolve the problem, because suppressed conflict is always buried alive, and it often fasters until it becomes a much bigger problem. In the end, buried issues end up exploding like a massive volcano, leaving our spouse and family members in, its leads to destruction.
Focusing on your marriage, encourage you to deal with the relationship problems. Two people will never have the same expectations, thoughts, opinions or needs. Be FOCUS
“Conflict is inevitable. Any person involved in a sustained relationship is bound to experience conflict with that other person eventually”

Career Passion, focus is incomplete without a career. Your career is what describe you. Talent is what you have passion for.
“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay for doing it”
Write down what you want to achieve in your career. Challenges will surely come when carrying out your career goal. Identify your career goal and follow them through. The hardest part is deciding what you want. The rest is the journey of everything falling into place.
“You can’t pray for the rain without preparing for the mud”
Challenges will surely come, when pursuing your goal. Work on yourself and give yourself valve.
Success is impacting your world with the investment in your personality. To be prosperous, you have to follow principles. Always be focus.
Success comes only when you get your priorities straight and your actions following those priorities
Success is achieving what you were created for, not achieving what other want you to. It is really important to discover yourself. When you have discover so, develop it through learning. Learning makes you gain more knowledge.
Developing through learning entails determination and focus, because life is not “Perfect Straight Line”. If you are not determined, you begin to tend away from your initial aim. You can get distracted by other pursuit. Always have a focus on your career.

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  4. Harphoe says:

    Great work, Really Relatable and helpful
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