FOCUS_Volume 1_Point 1

Proper Mindset on your goal. Do not allow someone failure, discourage your goal. Be self-motivated. Focus and determination with discipline, keeps you in the way to success. Too much or too little of any one particular, can send you in the wrong directions.
”Personal growth occurs, when you learn exactly who you are”- Adeyemi Ayomide
Your focus goal needs to be exactly what you want. Not what you think you’re capable of or what you think you should do or what other people want from you. If it’s not exactly what you want, you’ll lose interest in the process, lose your FOCUS and fail.
Make your goal SMART. Smart goal, grow in a positive way.
S — Specific: Write out your goals, your aims

M — Measurable: Your plans and how to measure your progress.

A — Achievable: What do you want to achieve.

R — Relevant: For personal goal setting, this means creating a goal that gets you where you want in life.

T — Time Limited: Setting time to achieve your goal, will not allow you to procrastinate, you be FOCUS.

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