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Marriage and Family Harmony should be your top priority in your personal goals. The goal is, Family living in peace and harmony. Keeping the peace at any price. Conflict should be resolved. Conflict can lead to a process that develops isolation. You and your spouse must choose, how you will act when conflict occurs. Always resolve conflict in your marriage. By resolving conflict requires –
* knowing, accepting and adjusting to your difference.
* Defeating selfishness.
* Pursuing the other person.
* Resolving Conflict requires forgiveness.
Marriage is riddled with conflict today, or perhaps you never fight. Whatever your past or current experiences, how do you perceive conflict? Conflict has the potential for beauty, but at the same time, there is also a “beast” lurking in it.
If we avoid conflict, pretend it doesn’t exist, gossip to others about it, get angry, or intimidate others into doing what we want, the greater the problem will become, the greater the relationship damage will be. Couples who do not work out their differences and manage their conflict issues are at risk for divorce.

“If you keep on biting and devouring each other, you will be destroyed by each other”

Many couples hate to confront disagreements and hurts because they’re afraid of rocking the boat, so they choose to keep the peace at any price and sweep their issues under the rug. However, this strategy usually does not resolve the problem, because suppressed conflict is always buried alive, and it often fasters until it becomes a much bigger problem. In the end, buried issues end up exploding like a massive volcano, leaving our spouse and family members in, its leads to destruction.
Focusing on your marriage, encourage you to deal with the relationship problems. Two people will never have the same expectations, thoughts, opinions or needs. Be FOCUS
“Conflict is inevitable. Any person involved in a sustained relationship is bound to experience conflict with that other person eventually”

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