FOCUS_Volume 1_Point 4

Education improve the way you think, reason and relate with people around you. You have to keep on acquiring more knowledge. Your mind and heart should be educated.
“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all” – Aristotle
Education is not only, going to school. School will push you to be your best, but will not push you out of the door. Educating yourself in skills, beliefs and habits, will push you to the door to success. The knowledge you gain from school, should be use, to think outside the box. You should be creative and critical thinking, in order to be able to confront the challenges of life . Many graduate are unable to achieve their full potential goal, because they intend to focus on certficate only.
It is very important to continue educating yourself in Skill, Belief and Habits. Self-Education is the key to success. Educating yourself in term of skills makes you discover your personal potential.

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