FOCUS_Volume 1_point 5

Everybody is a potential candidate of failure until you expect yourself to Succeed.
“Doing the same thing constantly and expecting a different result is one of the definition of Insanity”
If your outcome is not constantly with your desire then, you have to check what you believe and what you are doing.
Learn to succeed. Success is the accomplishment of a Goal, when you set a Goal and accomplish it, that is success.
For example. When your Goal is to become a Medical Doctor and you focus on that, and achieve your aim by becoming a Medical Doctor, that is success. This actually shows you’re successful.
” Goal you focus on, that is accomplished, is Success ”
Without Goal there is no basic of been successful. Success is the attribute of a Goal.
The effective uses of your lives, your gift and resources to have impacts to people, that is Success. Material things like, Car, house, cloth, monetary things are effect of success, not the prove of success. The prove of success is impacting good things to people lives.
Nobody becomes successful by accident, chance, luck. Correct understanding and application of law are the key to outstanding success.
Success and failure are predicted.

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